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Thank You...

Did you know that the Angelman community is the driving force behind research into treatments and a cure for Angelman Syndrome?  Did you know that the Angelman community, single handedly, funded both the research on and the clinical trial for Minocycline as a Treatment for Angelman Syndrome?  Did you know that the Angelman community has funded the FIRE Initiative?  Did you know that of the 235 diseases and disorders that the NIH budgets for, Angelman Syndrome is not on the list? There are many diseases and disorders that will not be treatable or cured in our lifetime; Angelman Syndrome is not one of them. The Angelman Community and the FAST team has a vision for a better future for all affected by Angelman Syndrome - a vision of an independent life, free of seizures, motor challenges and communication barriers.  FAST formed this organization to buck the status quo and to realize that vision. What started as a dream became a vision and that vision is now a reality.  At this very moment, thanks to you, we are funding a team of brilliant scientists working to bring treatments and a cure for Angelman Syndrome into current medical practice as quickly as possible.  That team has already identified potential treatments we hope to bring to clinical trials this year. Thank You Whether you walk, run or push a wheelbarrow for FAST; whether you bake cookies, sell jewellery or rally your college friends for FAST; whether you give gifts in lieu of, host backyard BBQ’s or dine out for FAST; whatever it is that you are doing for FAST, we want to say thank you – from the bottom of our test tubes. Upcoming Events Benefitting FAST: