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Families & Caregivers

Newly Diagnosed

Welcome to the best family you never wanted to be a part of. Here is what you need to know before you go any farther:

There is HOPE.

It’s normal to feel isolated, beset by questions, and troubled by thoughts and feelings that can seem insurmountable. You might be filled with grief, imagining that your hopes and dreams for your child have been dashed. If you’re like us, you’re feeling overwhelmed about how to approach this new life, and unsure that you’ll have the strength and resources to meet challenges you never foresaw.

Here’s what you should know:

First and most importantly: You are not alone.

Most of the team at FAST have been in your shoes. And even beyond us, you should know that there is a big community waiting to surround you with love, support, and strength (if you haven’t found it already).

Second — and this is so important we need to repeat ourselves: There is hope.

This is going to be a journey of trials and tribulations. Some days you may want to give up and don’t think you can. Other days will be filled with pride, accomplishment, and joy—from the little wins to the big milestones.

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