Resources for Pharmaceutical Partners

FAST's mission extends beyond guiding potential therapeutics through the drug development pipeline. We also aspire to share our accumulated knowledge with those who have an interest in participating in AS treatment development. Our aim is to prevent redundant efforts and the waste of valuable time and resources by providing insights and expertise to others in this space.

Global Reach

We know that we represent a rare disease in a competitive space—one made up of thousands of researchers from all over the world, hundreds of pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, investors, educators, policymakers, and more. Our success in attracting and keeping attention on our cause comes in part from our ability to make our partners aware of the global footprint of AS, which is larger than many assume, and to showcase that there are significant subsets of our community that are deeply informed about the relevant science, sophisticated in their approach to it, and ready and willing to participate in clinical trials.

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Registry Insights

The Global Angelman Syndrome Registry (GASR) is an initiative to collect and collate data on individuals diagnosed with Angelman syndrome worldwide. Parents and caregivers drive data collection by contributing information on diagnosis, medical history, development, and more in a series of online modules. Modules can be modified and added to reflect the current needs and landscape, providing purpose-built data and reducing data duplication. Data is available to anyone with a desire to progress in understanding and outcomes for Angelman syndrome.

For more about the registry, including how to receive data from it, please visit here.

Angelman Syndrome Biomarker and Outcome Measure (A-BOM) Consortium 

The A-BOM Consortium is made up of a team of over 350 people that have interest in advancing the regulatory science for Angelman syndrome to understand, develop, test, and validate different tools that can assess meaningful clinical outcomes for individuals living with Angelman syndrome.

For more information about A-BOM, please visit here.


The International Angelman Syndrome Research Council (INSYNC-AS) is a collaboration between FAST and the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI), designed to bring together world experts outside of the Angelman syndrome space to help support advancing AS in areas of drug development that we are not currently invested in.

For more information about INSYNC-AS, please visit here.

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