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What distinguishes FAST is our assertive approach to funding and dedication to nurturing collaboration among families, communities, scientists, clinicians, and industry stakeholders — all with the ultimate goal of bringing practical treatment into current medical practice as safely and quickly as possible.

Crucially, the engagement of pharmaceutical and industry partners plays a pivotal role in ensuring that potential therapies do not stall during the research phase, particularly in the challenging "valley of death" of drug development. FAST actively supports numerous clinical and nonclinical development initiatives undertaken by various pharmaceutical companies. This page is specifically designed to serve as a valuable resource and communication hub for both current and prospective industry collaborators.

  • To learn more about how we bring together our partners in research, pharmaceuticals and the community, head over here.

  • To learn more about our commercial ventures, visit us here.

  • To access resources put together for our pharmaceutical partners, this is the place.

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