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Contacting FAST

Every individual at FAST—including board members and staff—can be reached at Write to us!

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Connecting on Social Media

FAST main page (public): This is our main organizational Facebook page, where we drop FAST news, leadership and staff updates, science news, and the like. These items include information featured in our newsletter, and which may be pre-scheduled or posted by the social media team.

FAST Family & Friends Facebook group (private, actively moderated): This is the Facebook group to go to for polite, reasonable discussion around all of the above. It’s also where you’ll find people sharing personal stories or information, either unprovoked or led by administrators to start positive discussions.

Clinical Trials: This is a Facebook group where we drop up-to-the-minute information about clinical trials, as well as offer the community access to our science and regulatory experts for any questions related to trials. We designed it to ensure that important information related to trials and translational research doesn’t get lost in other group feeds, and are easily available and searchable. 

FAST on Instagram: The best place to watch Easton’s videos :) And more.

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