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Whether this is your first time on this page, or you’re back for more information: WELCOME. It’s not easy to seek out support. You being here makes you braver than you think.

Yes, brave. Brave for wanting a different future. Brave for getting out of your comfort zone to learn the details of science as complicated as a foreign language. Brave for adding more to days already packed with doctors appointments and therapist assessments and IEP meetings and insurance company calls and scheduling logistics so intense you’re now qualified to oversee complex military operations. And more.

Brave because this whole thing is hard.

Angelman syndrome is an uphill journey, filled with heart-bursting wins and heartbreaking setbacks, awe-inspiring milestones and challenges so painful they take your breath away. For all the beauty and grace that we all work to find in our daily lives, the community at FAST shares one thing in common: the hope, and the belief, that there can and will be a better future for our loved ones. A future of movement and more independence and even words. This dream, which used to seem wildly ambitious, is no longer so far off.

But we are going to have to work hard—harder than you ever thought possible—to get there. It is a tough, inspiring road, toward a future filled with vast, unknowable possibilities—and the only way to get there is together.

Take your first, or next, step below:

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