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CAN Spotlight: Kettlebells for Kayleigh

Earlier this month, the Teutonic Crossfit community in Germany came together to support Kayleigh, who lives with Angelman syndrome, for an inaugural fundraiser. “Kettlebells for Kayleigh'' attracted roughly 70 attendees for some competition, live music, food, and fun! Sara, Kayleigh’s mom, shared that this event was filled with words of encouragement and made her feel less alone in this journey.

Because Crossfit gives her so much, she chose to host “Kettlebells for Kayleigh” as a fundraiser because the sport and the people at Teutonic really pulled her out of her dark place in her everyday life and helped her overcome some of her fears. This sport makes her feel great, mentally and physically, and allows her to become the best version of herself for her children and family.

And when she asked the owners of Teutonic to host a fundraiser, there was immediate support from the coaches and athletes.

It was exactly 1 year after Kayleigh was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, the event took place. Seeing athletes showing up from surrounding Crossfit Boxes for their event, that she has never met before, and ones that couldn’t show but donated, proves how truly wonderful the Crossfit Community is!

“A community like this is so much more than just a workout partner, it’s almost like a family.” Sara wishes this type of support for everyone in our Angelman Community.

Together for an inaugural event, this group raised $3,727 to benefit FAST. Because of its success, the decision was easy to make “Kettlebells for Kayleigh” an annual event.