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What a Year! Thank you FAST Community!

In 2021, you helped to raise $5.9M+ in fundraising so we could disburse $3M+ in grants!

The FAST community continues to accelerate our mission to find a cure through their incredible generosity and countless hours of volunteering to help us execute our funding philosophy of C.U.R.E.-AS.  As we Collaborate and Understand we are Ready to Expedite resources towards the innovative research to accelerate the most promising research and therapeutics in the pipeline.

In 2021, our community raised a total of $ 5,925,382 through our annual Cure Angelman Now (CAN) fundraising campaign, our annual gala and other funding initiatives. Because of our community’s generosity, we can fund $3,009,992 in grants to the following top academia universities, researchers and scientists on our roadmap to a cure:

University of California/Davis

Creation of Robust Infrastructure Including Molecular, Neurobehavioral & Biomarker Testing

  David Segal, Ph.D.; Kyle Fink, Ph.D.; Jill Silverman, Ph.D.

University of California/Davis

Hematopoietic Cell Gene Therapy for Angelman Syndrome

   Joseph Anderson, Ph.D.; Mehrdad Abedi, M.D.

Yale University School of Medicine

AS Human IPSC Biorepository Project & Angelman Syndrome Large Deletion Mouse Model

    Yong-Hui Jiang, M.D., Ph.D.

North Carolina State University

Engineering Human Stem Cell Models for Multiple Angelman Syndrome (Epi) Genotypes

    Albert Keung, Ph.D.

Duke University, School of Medicine

Advancing the Observer-Reported Communication Ability (ORCA) Measure for Individuals with Angelman Syndrome as an endpoint for clinical trials

     Bryce Reeve, Ph.D.

Texas A&M University

Translational Research in a Large Animal Model of Angelman Syndrome

      Scott Dindot, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

Using an miRNA approach for the Treatment of Angelman Syndrome

      Jim Wilson, M.D., Ph.D.

Colorado Children’s Hospital

24/7 AS Emergency Care Hotline

       Jessica Duis, M.D.

Research Triangle Institute International & Boston Children’s Hospital

FAST & Angelman Syndrome Biomarker and Outcome Measure Consortium (ABOM) funding initiative for advancing endpoints in AS clinical trials.

We will continue to update our community on all our initiatives that your donations have made possible. We look forward to having more conversations about the advancements in research and the cutting-edge technology that is accelerating all our initiatives. Thank you to the families with individuals living with Angelman syndrome.