Diagnosis, an odyssey in developing countries

FAST collaborates with Casa Angelman on quest to provide diagnostic services throughout Argentina and South America As FAST continues to grow, we are fortunate to support programs, both on a national and international level. FAST will be providing funding for Casa Angelman’s genetic diagnosis campaign across Argentina.  “While genetic diagnosis is still a difficult path

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Pilot Feasibility of an Enzyme Replacement Therapy for AS

FAST and FAST Canada are pleased to announce a grant to UC Davis.  David Segal, Ph.D. and his UC Davis lab have received funding to determine if enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) alleviates the symptoms of Angelman syndrome (AS) in animal models.  Individuals with Angelman syndrome lack a working copy of the UBE3A gene.  The UBE3A

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Rodent Studies of Non-Snord 116 Paternal Ube3a Activation

FAST and FAST Canada are pleased to announce grant funding to David Segal, Ph.D. and his UC Davis lab to investigate targeting the Ube3a-AS (Ube3a Antisense Transcript) without disrupting the expression of Snord116 and Snord115.  Dr. Segal’s previously published research has shown that reduction in Ube3a-AS may also reduce expression of Snord116 and Snord115, which

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Co-funded Grants with FAST Canada

FAST is proud to co-fund with FAST Canada two important grants, Rodent Studies of Non-Snord 116 Paternal Ube3a Activation and Pilot Feasibility of an Enzyme Replacement Therapy for AS, both from Dr David Segal’s lab at UC Davis. FAST Canada chose to co-fund these two particular grants because they wanted to focus their first funding

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Adult Transition: Meet Juli & Tracy

Juli DelMonego is mom to 3 sons, and her 32 year old daughter Marina with AS. Juli started early learning about disability rights, researching Special Education laws at the FSU law library in the pre-internet days. She advocated for children with disabilities, and the University of FL genetics program diagnosing AS, before the Florida Cabinet

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Bienvenue FAST France

FAST is proud to announce the newest addition to its global family: FAST France. Charlotte Prestat and Anthony Moisan, the founders of FAST France, have three children. After receiving a diagnosis of Angelman syndrome in 2017 for their middle daughter Héloïse, the two science-minded engineers researched as much as they could on the syndrome. Their

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Global Angelman Syndrome Registry moves platform to QUT

The Global Angelman Syndrome Registry (Registry) had some downtime this week while the platform was moved to the Division of Research and Innovation at QUT (Queensland University of Technology). The move will mean there is a much larger team allowing new functions and materials available more quickly, making the  Registry more user friendly for over 1,400 participants in 65 countries and providing new users with

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FAST funds pioneering infrastructure grant

FAST is thrilled to announce a grant to our continued partners and renowned scientists dedicated to advancing therapeutics for Angelman syndrome – David Segal, Ph.D., Jill Silverman, Ph.D., and the team at the University of California, Davis.  This grant provides the funding to build a lab devoted to Angelman syndrome (AS) research, establishing an infrastructure

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FAST update on the impact of Covid-19

While the world as we know it has changed, abruptly and dramatically, we at FAST want you to know that we are here and we continue to move forward in our mission to cure Angelman syndrome.   What COVID-19 precautions should parents of children with Angelman syndrome be taking? Although individuals with Angelman syndrome are

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Webinar on the KIK-AS Clinical Trials of GTX-102

 Additional details on the clinical trials for GTX-102 are available at the link below: – A Study of the Safety and Tolerability of GTX-102 in Children With Angelman Syndrome (KIK-AS)