Rhian Adams1

Rhian Adams

Position: Dubai, UAE

Rhian’s focus is to create a model that serves and improves the world we share. She serves as a VIP trainer and as an ambassador of Health and Performance in the UAE. She has earned accolades such as the UAE Personal Trainer of the year, has received an award of excellence in health and fitness, authored a book to support new mums with their health journey, and is a professional bikini competitor. She has also competed in international sports competitions for bodybuilding around the world, has represented Wales, her home country, in Rugby and has taken teams on trekking expeditions to Kilimanjaro. Rhian currently resides in Dubai and has two children, her son, Samson lives with Angelman syndrome. 

Instagram: @rhian_adams_athlete
Meet Rhian: https://youtu.be/GyELdfuRYcA