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Cure Angelman Now (CAN) Fundraising

We all get asked the same question from family, friends, and colleagues: “How can we help?”

Here’s one very good answer.

Cure Angelman Now (CAN) is an annual fundraising appeal led by members of our community to help raise critical funds to support research to cure Angelman syndrome. It is a personalized fundraising page that you create from a simple template that allows you to articulate your connection to Angelman syndrome and why you have chosen to support FAST. You can simply ask people to support FAST by donating to your personal page or you may choose to host a fundraising event to raise money for your CAN page. Either way, we can help you get started.

Together, We CAN.

Whether you are a seasoned Cure Angelman Now (CAN) fundraiser or this is your first time joining the effort — we appreciate you and all that you are doing to rally support to cure Angelman syndrome.

Together, We CAN. image

We have been amazed at the creativity of our CAN event hosts over the years. Please reach out to with questions regarding your personalized CAN page, to brainstorm event ideas, get access to FAST collateral, hear fundraising best practices and more!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Check out the events calendar to see if there is a CAN fundraiser happening near you. After all, we are one community with one goal, to cure Angelman syndrome.

Create your 2024 CAN fundraising page.

Start fundraising today by creating your personalized CAN page. Click here to get started and reach out to if you have questions about set up or your how to fundraise!

Find a CAN fundraising page.

To donate to a specific CAN fundraising page, click here to search and donate.

Hosting an event? Tell us about it so we can help!

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