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Genetic Counseling

Talk to a professional who specializes in Angelman syndrome genetics.

Niki Armstrong, our VP of Genetic Services and Education is available to schedule private, one-on-one meetings with parents and caregivers in the United States.

These meetings give families the opportunity to discuss their questions with a certified genetic counselor who specializes in Angelman syndrome. As a genetic counselor, Niki understands complicated genetics. As a member of the FAST team, Niki has an in-depth understanding of AS specifically. Niki is able to deep dive into your genetic report, offer insight on clinical trials and studies, and answer general questions you have around AS genetics and all the complexities. 

In addition, Niki joins Megan Tones in Australia, to serve as the US-based curator for the Global Angelman Syndrome Registry (GASR) and contribute to public-facing science writing.

Currently, Niki is able to provide education on clinical trials and research in Angelman syndrome to ALL families.  

Because of US licensure requirements, Niki is available to offer genetic counseling for people in the states listed below (the rest are coming soon)!

Do you live outside the USA? These 1:1 meetings are only available to people currently in the USA.  If you are located outside of the USA, you can email questions to Niki at

What is genetic counseling (GC)?

Why is genetic counseling helpful for families living with Angelman syndrome?

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Approved US States for Genetic Counseling Services

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