International Angelman Day

International Angelman Day: February 15

International Angelman Day (IAD) is an opportunity to raise awareness of Angelman syndrome on a global scale! Two AS parents started IAD in 2013 and engaged 31 Angelman syndrome organizations from around the world to join their efforts. Today, IAD has grown to over 50 AS organizations participating worldwide!  February 15th is significant because February is Rare Disease Month and the 15th refers to the 15th chromosome, which is the chromosome impacted by Angelman syndrome.The purpose of this day is to:
  • Raise awareness worldwide of the condition;
  • Mobilize people to action & encourage fundraising for the individual organization in their country;
  • Promote research and educational resources in the organization’s own country; and
  • Remember those people with Angelman syndrome who are no longer with us.  -Angelman Day Info
IAD is an opportunity to raise awareness for Angelman syndrome. Check out a few of the resources you can use and share with your community:

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