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International Angelman Day 2023 Global News Roundup

International Angelman Day is an opportunity to connect with the global Angelman syndrome community, raise awareness, and celebrate the Moment of Hope that inspires us every single day!

AS community members around the world have been hard at work contacting businesses and local governments to light up buildings blue, sharing photos and stories online, and getting press coverage about IAD and their connection to AS.

Here are some of the news stories from around the world covering AS for IAD:

St. Paul Pioneer Press (US): ‘Meet Angelman syndrome’: A Rosemount toddler’s diagnosis spurs family to action | February 12, 2023 | Read the full article
William, age 5, who lives with Angelman syndrome is profiled. His father Jesse says, “I want to be more like William. Everywhere he goes, he just brings love and joy and happiness. He is amazing.”

South Tyneside Council (UK): Turning Blue to Raise Awareness | February 14, 2023
South Tyneside Councillor Anne Hetherington: “Lighting up our beautiful town hall is a simple but effective way in which we can raise awareness of this condition and inspire people to find out… more about it.”

The Free Press Journal (India): International Angelman Day: All about the rare neurogenetic condition | February 14, 2023
Angelman syndrome’s symptoms and history are explained.

Minnesota Star Tribune (US): Buildings across the Twin Cities will be lit in blue Wednesday night. Here’s why. | February 15, 2023 | Read the full article
“At least a half a dozen Twin Cities’ buildings and structures will take on a blue hue — including Capella Tower, Target headquarters, U.S. [Bancorp] … in support of Angelman syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder.”

Fox 29 News Philadelphia (US): International Angelman Day coverage | February 15, 2023
Fox 29 hosts explain Angelman syndrome to viewers and highlights Philadelphia buildings that will be lit up blue, including Lincoln Financial Field, BNY Mellon Center, and Liberty Place.

Warrington Guardian (UK): Amazing nine-year-old smiling through rare genetic illness | February 15, 2023
Lewis Owen, age 9, who lives with Angelman syndrome is profiled. His mother Natalie said, “He has worked so hard working towards his targets and we still have so much to learn and explore.”

Warrington Guardian (UK): Family of girl, 5, speak out on International Angelman Day | February 15, 2023
Maia Manclark, age 5, who lives with Angelman syndrome is profiled. Her grandmother Jackie said, “She is developing into a cheeky, mischievous, lovable little girl who brightens up our darkest of days and anyone who gets to meet her also says the same.”

Manchester Evening News (UK): ‘My baby boy had chest infections and stared off into space – months later he was diagnosed with 1 in 20k condition’ | February 15, 2023
Max Ward, age 2, who lives with Angelman syndrome is profiled. His father Adam said, “Adapting things is how we do it. We have equipment at home to help him stand. We do a lot of physio at home, and he needs to have the right shoes on to support him.”

Fox 9 News Minneapolis/St Paul (US): Local family shares experience with rare Angelman Syndrome  | February 15, 2023
Rose Smith, age 5, who lives with Angelman syndrome is profiled. Her parents, Alex and Sierra Smith discuss their experience raising Rose and the challenges along the way.

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