Meet the Board: Meagan Cross

FAST, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, is pleased to highlight a long-standing and devoted board member, Meagan Cross. Meagan joined the FAST Board of Directors in 2009 and is the chairperson for FAST Australia. During Meagan’s time on the FAST Board of Directors, she has supported global outreach by establishing communication methods, including forums, social media channels, newsletters and websites, to expand FAST’s global presence and support the Angelman community.

Meagan says, “I remember Molly’s diagnosis vividly. It was an emotional time for our family but I am thankful for the support of the global Angelman community – They provided me with guidance and helped me understand that it was going to be alright. I recognized that I needed to do more for Molly than her older sister – and in turn help all individuals living with Angelman syndrome – to ensure they get the best chances at life. Molly’s diagnosis pushed me to join the FAST Board of Directors and expand FAST’s global presence with the addition of FAST Australia. I love connecting with parents and families that are new to the community to support them during their diagnosis as I remember how hard that was for me.

“My passion project is the Global Angelman Syndrome Registry. My background is in data science and I have always been interested in finding the data to support the research being conducted and to help understand more about how AS affects our kids. The Angelman Syndrome Registry was established to collect data from around the world to better understand Angelman syndrome.. My goal is to continue to grow the registry and expand its global presence to create additional resources that will aid in finding meaningful therapeutics and research for individuals living with Angelman syndrome.”

FAST US is directed by an unpaid, all-volunteer board, consisting solely of parents of individuals living with Angelman syndrome. Each board member is dedicated to curing Angelman syndrome through funding a robust and aggressive research agenda. FAST’s research initiatives are focused at identifying potentially transformative therapeutics to address the symptoms of AS.

FAST is committed to assisting all individuals living with Angelman syndrome, regardless of age or genotype, to realize their full potential and quality of life through effective therapeutics. FAST operates as an impartial organization to drive collaboration and sharing across the industry, including pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and other organizations globally. FAST is served by two boards: the board of directors and an independent scientific advisory board; in addition, FAST collaborates with numerous experts that serve as advisors. Together, FAST is working hard to bring practical treatments into current medical practice as quickly and safely as possible.

To learn more about FAST, please visit Consider contributing to FAST by making a financial gift, spreading the word with friends and family members, and fundraising to help FAST cross the finish line.