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Science and Pharmaceutical Updates

FAST works with leading researchers and pharmaceutical companies using cutting edge technology to accelerate our mission to find a cure for Angelman syndrome. At the Global Science Summit a few weeks ago, they shared an update on all of their work this past year that continues to confirm our mission to find a cure is possible.

Science Summit Update

Keynote address: Cell & Gene Therapy Platforms of the Therapeutic Landscape for Angelman Syndrome of a Robust Infrastructure Including Molecular, Neurobehavior & Biomarker Testing on AS Human IPSC Biorepository Project & the Angelman Syndrome Large Deletion Mouse Model

Engineering Human Cell Models for Multiple Angelman Syndrome (Epi)Genotypes Therapy for Angelman Syndrome Through RNA Interference Research in a Large Animal Model of Angelman Syndrome Emergency Care Hotline Approaches for Treating Angelman Syndrome

Hematopoietic Cell Gene Therapy for Angelman Syndrome Discussion with Researchers

Pharmaceutical Update address: Now Is the Time for Molecular Therapy Gene Therapies: Putting Patients at the Center Pharmaceuticals Ltd.: NNZ-2591 As A Potential Treatment For Angelman Syndrome Pharmaceuticals: Angelman Syndrome Program Update Biotherapeutics: GTX 102 Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial Update Pharmaceuticals: Angelman Syndrome Program Update Pharmaceutical Inc.: Overcoming Challenges on the UK Natural History Study

Panel Discussion with Pharma