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FAST’s annual Global Science Summit & Gala is the biggest science and drug development event devoted to Angelman syndrome.

Day 1, a closed non-public forum dedicated to scientists, industry members, clinicians and regulators, is known as the FAST Translational Research Symposium and ABOM (Angelman Syndrome Biomarker and Outcome Measure Consortium) Scientific Meeting, where dozens of scientists and experts from around the world working in the AS field present their pre-published research, updating the scientific community on their latest findings in order to encourage collaborations, relationships, and progress in Angelman syndrome translational research and regulatory sciences, both clinical and pre-clinical. This forum is meant to foster deep scientific discussion from scientist to scientist and clinician to clinician, encouraging accelerated collaborative discoveries. This creates an open source of information sharing among scientists and researchers, while allowing our pharmaceutical stakeholders to know what is happening on the research side, which could potentially benefit their programs as well.

Beginning the following day (Day 2), is the start of the FAST Global Science Summit. This day is when clinicians and researchers present their most current research findings to the community at large, in a public forum that is meant to educate families on the incredible discoveries advancing translational research for Angelman syndrome. This is an opportunity to get in-person, up-to-date information about science and research, directly from the scientists themselves, while connecting face-to-face and raising funds to support vital AS research.

Then, on Day 3, the FAST Global Science Summit focuses on clinical trials. This is an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to directly speak to our families and answer questions in very interactive panel discussions. This is generally the time of the year where we receive most of our exciting updates from the clinic! In addition to the in-person event, the Global Science Summit is broadcasted live to thousands more around the globe and is translated via an outside platform into 121 languages.

Join us for the next one November 8-9, 2024 in Orlando, FL. For more see here.

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