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Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Liaison Survey

Is your child with Angelman syndrome transitioning into the school system for the first time, generally at the age of 3? If so, we are here to help! FAST will provide an IEP Liaison that will guide you as you navigate through the IEP process. If you would like some help, fill out the intake form and we will contact you.


Virginia Spencer, FAST IEP Liaison

Virginia Spencer is a Special Education Advocate, ADHD Coach and Principal of Lumen Advocacy LLC, in Austin, Texas. She helps parents secure a free appropriate public education for their children with disabilities. She has advanced advocate training in representing parents in impartial hearings from the Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys and is a certified National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) presenter.

Fast’s Adult Transition Program

Is your child with Angelman syndrome transitioning into adulthood? Between the ages of 16-21? If so, we are here to help! FAST will provide a liaison that will support you or answer your questions as you navigate through the myriad of tasks required once your child becomes an adult.

If you would like support, fill out the intake form and we will contact you.

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Juli DelMonego, FAST Adult Transition Liaison

Juli DelMonego is mom to 3 sons, and her 32 year old daughter Marina with AS. Juli started learning about disability rights soon after her daughter’s diagnosis, researching Special Education laws at the FSU law library in the pre-internet days. She advocated for disabled children’s rights and AS diagnosis awareness at the University of Florida’s genetics program before the Florida Cabinet and the Florida Legislature in the early 1990’s. In 1993, Juli and her husband Robert, together with another Tallahassee family, started the Southeast Angelman family support organization, which encompassed a 14 state region in the US. She was the SE Regional coordinator for the organization. She did trainings for professionals and families for Florida’s Family Network on Disabilities and also represented families on the Florida Big Bend Transition Council when Marina was in high school. The Transition Counsel assisted with the transition into postsecondary options. Juli has been a lifelong information junkie and proudly embraces her reputation as “that mom”.  

Tracy Carreola, FAST Adult Transition Liaison

Tracy Carreola is a proud mother of two. Tyler, and her adult angel Chelsea. She has personal and professional experience navigating federal and Florida state resources for individuals with disabilities. She began her career at ARC providing services to individuals with disabilities in 2000. In 2003 she decided to establish her own company providing services through the Florida Medicaid waiver program, Community Experiences, which has been steadily growing ever since. Tracy currently holds a position on the board of directors at ARC Gateway in Pensacola, Florida Tracy is an avid CrossFit addict and is a total beach junkie. When she has free time you will find her out boating or enjoying some beach therapy with her favorite famous local drink, a bushwhacker.