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Meet Meghan Edberg

Meet FAST Staff: Meghan Edberg, M.Ed
Meet FAST Staff: Meghan Edberg, M.Ed image

Name, Title at FAST: Meghan Edberg, M.Ed, Director of Community Engagement

A Message from Meghan: When my son, William, was diagnosed with AS/mutation on January 7, 2020, it was such a bittersweet day. We knew the cause of his delays (finally!) yet we had no idea what AS was and thus started the Google search. As expected, all the emotions were raging as our family grieved our new reality. However, in true fashion of how I live my life, I told myself, “I cannot control this diagnosis, but I can control how I react.” So it wasn’t long before I dove into the AS community to bring awareness, raise funds, and fight for a cure with everyone else. Together with my crew, we raised over $500,000 in 3 years, have brought awareness to AS through my son’s story (, and have recruited so many to join this journey with us. If we can do it, so can you!

That said, I am thrilled to join FAST to enhance community engagement so we can be a strong, united front, to cure this damn thing! Until our mission is fulfilled, I am committed to working hard, leveraging my skill set, parent perspective, and passion so our loved ones may one day have a more independent life.

How you will support FAST’s mission to a cure: I will support all facets of how FAST engages with the community on a strategic, operational, and personal level. This includes but is not limited to outputs from FAST (newsletters, social media, and more), managing community engagement programs, and supporting those wanting to get more involved to support FAST’s mission.

What did you do before FAST? In the past 16 years, my career path has been unique in that I have had the opportunity to work with diverse populations in unique settings throughout the country and abroad. This has included teaching English to South Korea elementary students, mentoring NCAA Division I Athletes, teaching performance psychology to US Army Soldiers, counseling adult learners in higher education as well as using business acumen skills in higher education and technology. My titles have varied but what has stayed the same is my passion for helping people/businesses meet their goals.

5 fun facts about you!

  • I love to travel – it’s the best when I can find a destination I’ve never been to and meet up with another AS family!

  • I have a yearly, lifelong goal, of running the Twin Cities 10k race every October. I started in 2009 with its inaugural race and haven’t missed one yet!\

  • I’m adopted from South Korea and grew up in Minnesota. I have lived in several other states and abroad, and am now back in Minnesota with my husband Jesse and two children, William (who lives with AS), and Henry.

  • I love to try new things – from skydiving to eating live octopus!

  • I’m a former collegiate softball player getting into golf – pointers/tips are welcome.

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