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Ryan Jacob and family

FAST, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, is pleased to welcome Ryan Jacob as its newest board member. Ryan is the chief executive officer for CAE, a global software- and information-driven trading firm addressing the semiconductor market. Additionally, Ryan is a chairman of Jacob Family Holdings and serves as a director for numerous private companies. Prior to CAE, Ryan worked in venture capital and private equity at Summit Partners, Endeavour Capital and Celerity Partners. He’s a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles. Throughout his career, Ryan has been focused on investing in and helping to grow private companies and conveying those beneficial practices to non-profit organizations.

Ryan has always been engaged in philanthropy, but it wasn’t until his son, Grayson, was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome that he discovered FAST. In 2020, Grayson was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome. From that moment, Ryan made curing Angelman syndrome and improving the lives of children and adults with genetic diseases and intellectual and physical disabilities his primary philanthropic focus.

“Just like anyone, I’ve faced what has felt like insurmountable challenges in my lifetime,” said Ryan. “I’ve always said that you have to find a way to overcome each challenge, no matter what it takes. For me, I couldn’t sit back and accept this outcome for my child and any child or adult living with Angelman syndrome.

“Joining the FAST Board of Directors channels my mission to overcome Angelman syndrome for my family and the other families with loved ones living with Angelman syndrome. In my lifetime, upon my final analysis of my life, I want to know that I’ve done everything possible – physically, financially and intellectually – to cure Angelman syndrome. The FAST board is directed by parent volunteers, each working tirelessly and as an integrated team, to cure this disorder. I am excited and prepared to give everything I can to cure Angelman syndrome and I have no doubt that we will.”

Ryan lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Annie, and their three children. In addition to FAST, Ryan and Annie are dedicated to serving as board members for local foundations and organizations, including the Arc of the Capital Area and Friends of the Children. Please join FAST in welcoming Ryan to the Board of Directors.

FAST is directed by an unpaid, all-volunteer board, consisting solely of parents of individuals living with Angelman syndrome. Each board member is dedicated to curing Angelman syndrome through funding a robust and aggressive research agenda. FAST’s research initiatives are focused at identifying potentially transformative therapeutics to address the symptoms of AS.

FAST is committed to assisting all individuals living with Angelman syndrome, regardless of age or genotype, to realize their full potential and quality of life through effective therapeutics. FAST operates as an impartial organization to drive collaboration and sharing across the industry, including pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and other organizations globally. FAST is served by two boards: the board of directors and an independent scientific advisory board; in addition, FAST collaborates with numerous experts that serve as advisors. Together, FAST is working hard to bring practical treatments into current medical practice as quickly and safely as possible.

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