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Meet John Schlueter

John Schlueter and his family

What has your AS journey looked like?

  • Our daughter was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome when she was 18-months old. We had a year filled with doctor and therapists appointments having no answers as to why our perfectly beautiful baby wasn’t thriving. She couldn’t sit on her own, wasn’t crawling, talking, or even seeing like we would expect. We received her diagnosis when our then youngest was one-week old. We were exhausted, devastated, and lost. I am so thankful to have found hope for Grace at FAST.

How were you first introduced to FAST? Do you remember the first time you understood that there was hope for a cure? Tell us about it.

  • My wife and I were introduced to FAST by a local AS family. Our first real hope for a cure was that initial FAST gala we attended in 2015. It was thrilling to know that so much research had already been poured into a cure for AS.

What moment in your AS journey did you realize you wanted to take on a bigger role?

  • Immediately upon my daughter’s diagnosis, my wife and I realized we needed to spend our lives fighting for her cure. We started fundraising and trying to bring an awareness to all of our family and friends.

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