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Meet Barbara Dr. Barbara Bailus

Dr. Barbara Bailus is an Assistant Professor of Genetics at The Keck Graduate Institute, of the Claremont Colleges. She did her doctoral research at University of California, Davis in the Segal Laboratory developing a gene therapy based on artificial transcription factors for the treatment of Angelman Syndrome. Her postdoctoral research in the Ellerby Lab at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, focused on potential therapies for Huntington’s disease including small molecules and gene editing proteins. For the past several years Dr. Bailus has been honored to serve as a scientific advisor and communications reporter for The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST). Dr. Bailus has a passion for teaching the next generation of scientists and communicating exciting scientific advances to the public. When not in the lab or classroom she enjoys being outside, traveling, riding horses, and painting.

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