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Amelia Lives With Her Family in Amman, Jordan
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Exercising keeps Amelia sane and healthy both mentally and physically. In high school Amelia represented the US on an international soccer team that competed in tournaments across Europe. At university she wanted a different challenge so she started running marathons. In her 20s Amelia ran 10 marathons on 7 continents. The demands of having a child who lives with Angelman syndrome are stressful and time consuming so after having kids Amelia cut back her running miles and now incorporates pilates and yoga into her fitness routine. Amelia has found that challenging her body every day helps her be a better mother, wife, friend and professional. She is passionate about the power of food to positively (or negatively) affect our bodies and minds. Amelia lives in Amman, Jordan with her husband and their three active sons. Her youngest son, Orion, lives with Angelman syndrome and is an incredible athlete himself!

Instagram: @monoriono Meet Amelia (YouTube)

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