Good Morning, Gus

Our community is filled with talented individuals who have unique ways of advocating for Angelman syndrome and their loved ones. This year, Kelsey Laskowski, mother of Gus, who lives with Angelman syndrome, has written a children’s book! We are so proud of Kelsey for this remarkable accomplishment.

About the book: “Join three young brothers as they partake in their daily adventures while expressing the joy and honor it is to love someone with Angelman Syndrome. From hanging out at home to on the beach and out on the town, these brothers sure know how to have fun! Step into the shoes of the two older brothers as they tell the story from their perspective, and speak on both the highs and lows of being the sibling to someone with neuro-diversities. This is a story not just about disability inclusion, but about seeing the worth in every human being and embracing one another for exactly who they are.”

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