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Warrior Wednesday: Josie

Our Warrior Wednesday this week is Josie, from Ontario, Canada!

Josie is a second-year student at Queens University! She worked with Callum, who lives with Angelman syndrome, at day camp 8 years ago. She was drawn to Callum immediately and always says that he was her motivation for attending medical school. Because of their special bond, she wrote a powerful poem about Callum, “To Speak is Not to Say” which certainly resonates with this community.

“Josie is simply amazing….beautiful inside and out. It took her many years to get into med school, but she did and thanks me constantly because Callum was her inspiration. She will do great things." – Heidi Blackburn, mother of Callum

We commend you, Josie, for following your passion and for being an inspiration for our community.

Here’s Josie’s beautiful poem:

To Speak is not to Say