Warrior Wednesday: Jenna

As many families know, caring for a person with Angelman syndrome is challenging. William was in a typical daycare center from birth until 4.5 years old and then it was no longer a good fit for him or the facility. So William’s parents had to look for alternative daycare options, which can be quite overwhelming both emotionally and financially.

Jenna had a full time job and knew William since birth. When she was approached to leave her current place of employment and care for William full time, she did not hesitate! She understood it would come with a challenge caring for a child with special needs, rose to the occasion anyway, and his parents are truly grateful. Not only does she care for his basic needs and safety, she also is an active participant in his development.

“We think William loves Jenna more than us some days! These two have such an amazing bond, it’s truly heartwarming. It takes a lot of stress off knowing William is with a trusted individual who has his best interest at heart.” - Jesse and Meghan

We appreciate you, Jenna (and all the caregivers out there) who help our loved ones with AS!