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Warrior Wednesday: Gillie Mae Tallant

Within the last year, Gillie Tallant has been admitted to the hospital more than five times -- each time more intense than the last. The first time was for a seizure, three times for pneumonia and RSV, and there were not one but two surgeries in there to boot. Throughout it all, Gillie has remained a warrior. Even when in pain, she tries to squeeze out a small smile. "I look at her every single day and am in awe of her strength and ability to make other people feel wonderful, even though she is feeling bad," said Gillie's mother, Erin. "I wish more than anything I could take all of this away from her. But for now, Gillie will keep fighting this Angelman fight with the rest of her fellow warriors." And she will have an army of her FAST family behind her. We love you, Gillie!