Warrior Wednesday: Dakota Moore

Dakota was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome around 2.5 years old. He didn't walk until he was in Kindergarten. He loved to walk and did great for a few years. As he grew, he started having trouble walking and standing. He was taken to an orthopedic doctor and found out he had tight hamstrings and really flat feet. His option was to have reconstructive surgery performed on both feet and extend the hamstrings. His mother was very worried and unsure but decided to have the surgery done. Two years later after a LOT of hard work and great patience from his physical therapist, he is finally going again! He might need some persuasion to get motivated and that is what gets him excited. His mom is hopeful he will be walking unassisted a few feet on his own by the end of this school year. "Do not ever underestimate these kiddos! Their smiles and love bring so much happiness into the world," said his mother, Crystal.

This is such a great example of a warrior. We are so proud of Dakota and his care team for getting him up on his feet again!