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Warrior Wednesday: Annabel and Bellamy

Annabel, 4 years old, is working hard on walking up steps with assistance and navigating her AAC device. Both of these skills require hours of therapy to assist to acquire the skills to accomplish these tasks.

Bellamy, 2 years old, is working on crawling on all fours and eating solids these days. His therapists and parents are working hard with him in these areas to help him progress.

Parents Morgan and Walteir are so proud of their 2 angels. “We have all the faith in the world, and have learned to adapt to their way of life and these beautiful babes teach us new things every single day. We may have never heard I love you, but we feel it every day.” - Love Mama and Papai!

Mothers who carry the AS mutation have a 50% chance of passing it down to their children, which can result in having more than one child living with AS. So not only are these two children warriors for working so hard on their development through weekly therapies, but so are parents Morgan and Walteir, who navigate life having two children living with Angelman syndrome.

FAST sees you, Leao Family! You have double the challenges and double the smiles. Thank you for working hard everyday to give your children the opportunity to thrive and for raising awareness around Angelman syndrome!

Follow their journey: