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Warrior Wednesday: Amr

Our Warrior Wednesday this week is a teacher and ABA therapist, Amr! He lives in Amman, Jordan, and works with Orion, who lives with Angelman syndrome.

Amr has helped Orion discover how fun writing and drawing is by creatively finding ways to captivate Orion's interest. For example, Amr drew a World Cup soccer field on a piece of paper and asked Orion to show with a marker how the soccer players would move around the field. Orion LOVED it!!! Orion was never interested in writing or drawing before this. Amr always makes activities fun and engaging.

“Orion has never been interested in using a pen to write but thanks to Amr, he is doing it!” - Amelia, Orion’s mother.

Many individuals living with Angelman syndrome have an ABA therapist. We appreciate Amr and all of the other teachers/therapists working in the AS community for their critical work in helping our loved ones develop life skills like these.