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Meet the Board: Nora Xu

FAST, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, is pleased to welcome Nora Xu as its newest board member. Nora’s daughter, Arbor, was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome just over a year ago. Since Arbor’s diagnosis, Nora has become active in the Angelman community.

Nora says, “I was fortunate to find the Angelman community and I was immediately amazed by the kindness that was shown to my family by community members. Arbor’s diagnosis has been a challenging journey for us, but I am thankful for the Angelman community's support. I want to be a light to others, especially those recently diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, just as the community had done for me.

“Joining the FAST Board of Directors is an opportunity for me to advocate for the community that has supported me since Arbor’s diagnosis. Every day I am inspired by Arbor’s inch stones. Her inch stones are what motivates me to push forward – not just for her, but for every child and adult with Angelman syndrome. There are many things that I have been unable to control along this journey of being diagnosed, but I will continue to do everything in my control to help find a cure for Angelman syndrome. I am excited and energized to bring my experience to the FAST Board of Directors.”

Nora resides in Seattle, Washington, and is the Group Marketing Manager for Microsoft. In her role at Microsoft, Nora leads a team focused on integrated marketing programs and initiatives to establish a unified message for Microsoft Advertising. Nora has over 10 years of combined experience at Microsoft. Prior to her current role at Microsoft, Nora worked as a product marketing manager for well-known mobile and web application brands. She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo in Canada. Nora brings 20 years of extensive marketing experience with a background in creative marketing, storytelling, strategic partnerships and community engagement to the FAST Board of Directors. Please join FAST in welcoming Nora to the Board of Directors.

FAST is directed by an unpaid, all-volunteer board, consisting solely of parents of individuals living with Angelman syndrome. Each board member is dedicated to curing Angelman syndrome through funding a robust and aggressive research agenda. FAST’s research initiatives are focused at identifying potentially transformative therapeutics to address the symptoms of AS.

FAST is committed to assisting all individuals living with Angelman syndrome, regardless of age or genotype, to realize their full potential and quality of life through effective therapeutics. FAST operates as an impartial organization to drive collaboration and sharing across the industry, including pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and other organizations globally. FAST is served by two boards: the board of directors and an independent scientific advisory board; in addition, FAST collaborates with numerous experts that serve as advisors. Together, FAST is working hard to bring practical treatments into current medical practice as quickly and safely as possible.

To learn more about FAST, please visit Consider contributing to FAST by making a financial gift, spreading the word with friends and family members, and fundraising to help FAST cross the finish line.