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One of the unique aspects of FAST is that we are a foundation with international reach. FAST Global consists of representative country-specific FAST affiliate organizations led by dynamic teams of Angelman syndrome (AS) parents working collaboratively to accelerate the FAST mission: to cure Angelman syndrome. Our FAST Global leaders, coordinated by USA board member Amelia Beatty, are in Australia, the UK, Canada, Italy, France, Spain and Latin America. Each FAST leader brings talent and expertise to the global team in order to drive the mission forward worldwide. We emphasize collaboration and sharing across pharmaceuticals, research institutions, and other AS and non-AS organizations around the world. FAST Global is dedicated to bringing treatments to individuals in as many regions of the world as quickly as possible. 

The mission of FAST Global is to leverage translational research to benefit individuals living with AS around the world. This is done through education, teamwork, research grant funding, translation, natural history studies in the local language using culturally relevant endpoints, and local clinical trial readiness in order to ensure effective therapeutics for AS are available around the world. FAST Global is aligned to FAST USA’s mission: to cure Angelman syndrome by accelerating research to bring effective therapeutics to all individuals living with Angelman syndrome regardless of age or genotype.

Each week leading up to the 2022 Science Summit we will be highlighting a FAST Global affiliate in our newsletter in order for the community to recognise the exciting projects they are working on and how they support the FAST mission. Stay tuned!

Attending the 2022 Science Summit & Gala? Hear the amazing work of the FAST Global team as they present their updates.

Learn more about the FAST affiliates around the world.