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FAST Global Highlight - Canada

FAST Canada is run by a volunteer board of Angelman parents, and supported by friends and family members strongly connected to the Angelman community. After a number of years of hard work to navigate the strict Canadian regulatory requirements, official charitable status was achieved in 2018. This was so exciting as then Canada would be able to officially join in and support the FAST mission of bringing meaningful therapeutics and a CURE for Angelman syndrome to all individuals living with AS. This was the goal all along, and to now be able to contribute to such important work is amazing.

FAST Canada has co-funded two projects with FAST USA (Pilot feasibility of an Enzyme Replacement Therapy as well as Rodent Studies of Non-Snord 116 Paternal Ube3a Activation SNORD at UC Davis).

We are so lucky to have the guidance and expertise of FAST USA to help us make educated decisions as to how to best use the hard-earned money of our amazing donors. In addition to our work in co-funding projects with FAST USA directly related to curing AS, we feel that it is very important that as many Canadians as possible have the opportunity to meet others in the Angelman community, as well as hear exciting new developments from the people working hard to make this goal a reality.

Every year, FAST Canada sends a number of families to the FAST USA Scientific Summit and Gala. We also are excited to send our top CAN fundraiser to join the FAST USA CAN Grand Prize winners on a trip to visit FAST-funded Drs. Albert Keung and Amay Badnonkar at North Carolina State University, who are harnessing the power of organoids for AS research.

Our #1 mission is to cure Angelman syndrome. We raise funds and awareness by working alongside our amazing global FAST partners to achieve this goal.

-FAST Canada

Noah Firestone (chair) | David Uzan (Finance) | Natalie Lukasic (Community Outreach) | Heidi Blackburn (Director) | Jessica Firestone (Legal) | Alexandre Boucher (Quebec/French Canadian Relations) | Norman Lieff (Legal) | Tara Growden (Communications / Social Media) | Sue Tiffin (Communications / Social Media) | Dr. Erick Sell (Science Advisor)