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CAN Spotlight: Harper's Hope

After a short weather scare, Harper’s Hope had another successful event, raising $28,300 — putting their 2023 total to $54,800 raised to benefit FAST!

This was their third year in Owensboro, with some repeat golfers, but also some new faces. They received tons of compliments and community leaders wanting to do more, which is a good thing. Harper and her family were featured in an article in Owensboro Parent, which helped to shine the spotlight on Angelman syndrome and Harper's journey. As always, Johnna and Derrick will not stop until we have a CURE for all the individuals living with Angelman syndrome.

At each outing, they are blown away by all the generosity – not just generosity of money, but also of people’s time, willingness to volunteer, offering to pick up raffles, door prizes, t-shirts, etc. There is no way that the Webb family would have the success they’ve had with Harper's Hope without all the folks that absolutely give 110%!

You can read the article in Owensboro Parent here:

Check out the magazine article!