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Fundraise For FAST

curenowlandscape When you set out to cure an ‘incurable’ genetic disorder, you need three things: a comprehensive, well thought out plan; a dedicated and passionate community; and sufficient, often substantial, funding. FAST feels strongly that we are in the final stages of bringing effective therapeutics to the clinic. We would not be at this point today if it were not for our unbelievably supportive community. The majority of research funds spent to date have come largely from our Angelman Syndrome parents and those who support us. As diverse as our Angelman community is, we are all united in one goal; a better future for our children. FAST is committed to bringing life-changing treatments to clinical trial within two years, but we need your help. We are asking everyone to join us in the Cure Angelman Now initiative because together, we CAN do this. Our time is now and every single dollar counts in getting us closer to our goal. Create your own FAST fundraising page here and be part of this thrilling adventure in the Cure Angelman Now initiative. Let your family, friends and colleagues know how close we are to curing Angelman Syndrome and with their help, we will make our greatest dream a reality. Now, let’s start fundraising and go change the world! We CAN do this! Fundraise for FAST and help us cross the finish line. We are so close! Start your FAST Fundraiser
If your fundraiser doesn't include a personalized fundraising page, fill out the Fundraising Inquiry Form below and tell us your idea!