In May of 2013, FAST launched the most aggressive research program to date into finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome; The FAST Integrative Research Environment (FIRE).

FAST launched the FIRE initiative with 4 universities, 24 scientists and $650,000.00. Our goal was to grow the initiative in size and scope by investing $5 million dollars into the program over the next 4 years. To date, FAST has invested over $2.5 million into the FIRE initiative.

FIRE is a coordinated consortium of leading researchers working together to identify, characterize and implement new therapeutics for the treatment and ultimate cure of AS.

The consortium is designed to allow the production of new tools, development of novel, cutting-edge research and the sharing of information, discoveries, biological tools and valuable resources within the context of our mission. This integrative approach will allow for the development of therapeutics in the fastest, safest, most efficient and cost effective time frame possible.

Some of the brightest and most creative scientists have come together to accelerate the discovery of therapeutics for Angelman Syndrome and bring these findings from bench to bedside as rapidly as possible. We have now identified 4 potential drug therapy candidates, 2 potential gene therapy approaches and are developing 2 novel AS animal models.

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