13a.Jimmy El Hokayem

Jimmy El Hokayem Ph.D.

Position: Associate Director, Program Development

Head of the Neurology and Regenerative Medicine Centers of Excellence at Biorasi and Associate Director of Program Development.

As head of Biorasi’s Neurology and Regenerative Medicine Centers of Excellence, Dr. El Hokayem oversees all clinical studies and projects related to neurological indications, cell and gene therapies. He leverages his unique expertise in the basic, translational, and clinical research spectrum and provides critical insights at strategic, operational, and managerial levels. Dr. El Hokayem is an expert clinical trial decentralizer and an early adopter of digital technologies in clinical studies as well as digital therapeutics.

Dr. El Hokayem received his Ph.D. from University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He continued his training with post-doctoral work at the University’s Hussman Institute for Human Genomics.

With over twenty years in both academia and the clinical research industry, Dr. El Hokayem has focused his research on rare neurological diseases; namely in Angelman Syndrome (AS), where he was the first to demonstrate the long overlooked role of the transcriptional coactivation function of UBE3a in the pathobiology of AS, and opened new avenues for biomarker development. Furthermore, Dr. El Hokayem published over twenty peer reviewed papers and received multiple awards from international foundations and entities.”