Apply for Grants

FAST is committed to bringing practical treatments for Angelman syndrome (AS) into current medical practice as quickly as possible. While our priority is on funding translational and clinical research, we also support high-risk/high-reward discovery projects. FAST’s research program awards grants to the world’s best scientists who are focused on discovering and developing treatments, technologies and ultimately a cure benefiting those with AS. The focus of FAST-funded research is in supporting projects that have the potential for immediate and high impact on the Angelman community; therefore, priority will be given to research-based translational grants or those showing high promise for translating basic biomedical knowledge into clinical application.

FAST’s research program funds are raised exclusively through donations and grassroots fundraising activities initiated by FAST, our supporters, and families of children with Angelman syndrome. We have a duty to ensure that this money is used to fund the highest quality research that has the greatest chance of having an impact on the lives of children and families affected by AS. FAST will not pay any indirect costs on our FAST Grant-In-Aid or FAST Postdoctoral Fellowship programs, but will pay up to 10 percent in indirect costs on FAST-Trac Grants and other investigator proposed clinical development programs. Indirect costs will be included in total project cost. FAST will not pay any indirect costs on tuition.

Because Angelman syndrome research falls into one of the most rapidly advancing fields of science, FAST accepts innovative grant proposals on a rolling basis.

FAST offers the following grant programs (NOTE: Please be sure to download and save the forms before entering data.):

  1. FAST Targeted Research to Advance a Cure (FAST TRAC) Awards – To stimulate the development of potential pharmacological therapeutics, biomarkers, and outcome measures for the treatment of Angelman Syndrome. Grants are given based on innovation, translational relevance, and significant potential to move through the translational pipeline towards treatment. Clinical trials are our highest priority, followed by preclinical research (i.e. rescue of animal models), and then translational research. The applicant may request a budget of up to $150,000.00 per year for one or two years.
  1. FAST Grant-in-Aid – These are smaller, one-time awards to provide funds for needed equipment, reagents, or research costs to further promising projects on Angelman Syndrome. Typical awards total approximately $10,000.00 but FAST will consider additional funding if warranted.
  1. Postdoctoral Fellowships – To increase the number of bright and creative scientists working on Angelman syndrome. Successful applicants for these grants will likely be working in established labs with secure overall funding, which have funding for supplies and any required animal handling costs. Applicants may request up to $50,000.00 per year for two years for salary, fringe and consumable costs.