The Jamie K. Berkley Memorial Grant-In-Aid: Imaging Equipment Upgrade for the Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins

The Segal Lab at the UC Davis Genome Center has created a potential treatment of Angelman syndrome by creating an injectable protein that allows the brain to produce the protein Ube3a. The lack of Ube3a has been determined to be the root cause of AS and there are indications that if it is restored, some alleviation of symptoms may by possible.  Significant progress has been made in a mouse model of Angelman syndrome, and future work will extend these efforts to rat models as well as human cells. This Grant-in-Aid will enable equipment upgrades to be purchased to overcome a critical current limitation in visualizing the RNA and protein levels of Ube3a in the brain following treatment.  Since the Segal Lab has specialized in creation of targeted gene approaches to various molecular studies, these upgrades will allow the group to more rapidly evaluate test results and determine the effectiveness of the proposed treatment.