The Innovative Mag-Drive Grant-In-Aid: Angelman Syndrome Biomarkers for Therapeutic Treatments | $2,500.00

Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder with genetic causes. It has been observed that altered gene interactions within different areas of the brain give rise to the symptoms characteristic of AS patients. The focus of the study will be to investigate and discover how genes interact with each other in the area of the brain known as the hippocampus. This brain area is involved in learning, and it is of major significance and relevance to the pathology of AS. We will study tissue from the hippocampus area of the brain from normal and AS subjects. By identifying which gene interactions are dysregulated in the case of AS subjects as compared with normal subjects, we will be able to find a number of possible approaches to intervene and steer the responsible gene interactions toward a normal state. We think that some of those approaches will have the potential to lead to therapeutic treatment for AS patients. We have developed a biomarker platform technology that is capable of identifying not only genes that play a significant role in a given disease but also how those genes are interconnected, how they influence each other, and in what way their networks and overall function differ from the normal state. By applying our technology to the area of AS we think that we will be able to 1) identify the altered gene networks responsible for AS in the hippocampus and 2) find possible targets for therapeutic development to influence those altered gene networks toward a normal pattern.