Anyone can hustle

Written by Becky Rubenow Howard, Mom to Erinn. This year, over 60 parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, caregivers and angels boarded a trolley early Gala morning to participate in the Chicago Santa Hustle 5k alongside 8,000 other hustling Santas.  While several of us had asked Paula Evans to provide snow for the hustle, she instead […]

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

In the Angelman Syndrome community, we often get to hear heartwarming stories of the good in other people.  Maybe it’s the perspective we gain from loving a child with special needs.  Maybe our experiences do sometimes bring out the best in other people, giving them the opportunity to be more like the people they aspire […]

What the Gala means to me

From my first encounter with the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST), shortly after my youngest son’s diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome in November of 2011, I have been overwhelmed by emotion; however, none of those emotions compared to what I felt while attending my first FAST Global Summit on Angelman Syndrome (AS) as the newest […]

A message from the Chair

This is normally my very favorite time of year.  December brings with it the FAST Gala and Christmas all in one month.  It is a time filled with so much celebration and hope.  However, like every parent across the country and around the world, this year I am struggling with the senseless tragedy that befell our […]

Lighting a fire; FAST Integrative Research Environment (FIRE)

The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) is proud to announce the launch of the most aggressive, novel and innovative research program to date into finding treatments and a cure for Angelman Syndrome (AS). The FAST Integrative Research Environment (FIRE) is a coordinated consortium of leading researchers working together to identify, characterize and implement new […]

Dogsledding in Sweden

by Alistair Blackburn Back when my son Callum (del +) was born, two great friends (Giles Derry and David Drake) kindly agreed to be his godfathers. They probably expected a baptism, a few birthday parties, a wedding, and an excuse to make sure to keep in touch to be the extent of their duties. Now […]

Science is on our side

Anniversaries are typically a date in which we celebrate achievements, important, happy milestones-yet often anniversaries can also mark pivotal times in our lives that remind us of difficult moments or experiences. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of Jace’s diagnosis-it’s hard not to reflect upon that day and the incredible journey it has taken […]

The Angel Karly Foundation

by Araceli Ruiz The Angel Karly Foundation was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 2009 by Araceli and Rolando Ruiz.  Due to the lack of resources in South Texas, their goal was to bring awareness and understanding of what Angelman Syndrome is to the different communities in South Texas. The inspiration came when their now […]

Little Things That Inspire…

by Jason Berkley Cindy and I had been together just a little over five years when Jamie was born. We already had a 4-year-old son Luke and a 2-year-old daughter Maddie at home. Life was moving along like a storybook: nice house, good jobs for each of us, and three healthy kids at home. Even […]

Do You Believe?

 By Tina Thompson Somebody was mowing a lawn. Finn hurried down the sidewalk searching for the source of the unmistakable sound. I followed, a few paces behind. Halfway down the block, he stopped. Whoever was mowing was in the backyard and completely hidden from view. Finn anxiously paced back and forth in front of the […]