The ORCA (Observer-Reported Communication Ability) outcome measure

In 2018, FAST funded Dr. Bryce Reeve of Duke University to create a novel communication measurement tool as an outcome measure assessment of caregiver observations of a child’s ability for expressive communication in nonverbal patients with complex communication needs like Angelman syndrome (AS).  We are happy to announce that not only was Dr. Reeve successful […]

FAST Awards Drs. Silverman (UC-Davis) and Duis (Children’s Hospital Colorado) Grant to Study Gait as an Outcome Measure for Angelman Syndrome

Movement disorders affect nearly all individuals with Angelman syndrome (AS), with the most common concerns being spasticity, ataxia (as observed in the majority of ambulatory individuals), tremor, and muscle weakness. Clinically, over time, individuals may develop a crouched gait which can cause a progressive decline in mobility.  Similar motor disorders are observed in Angelman syndrome rodent […]

Meet the Board: Nora Xu

FAST, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, is pleased to welcome Nora Xu as its newest board member. Nora’s daughter, Arbor, was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome just over a year ago. Since Arbor’s diagnosis, Nora has become active in the Angelman community. Nora says, “I was fortunate to find the Angelman community and I was […]

Meet the Board: Ryan Jacob

FAST, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, is pleased to welcome Ryan Jacob as its newest board member. Ryan is the chief executive officer for CAE, a global software- and information-driven trading firm addressing the semiconductor market. Additionally, Ryan is a chairman of Jacob Family Holdings and serves as a director for numerous private companies. […]

Angelman Syndrome Infrastructure Grant Update

From Dr. David Segal, Dr. Jill Silverman, and Dr. Kyle Fink at UC Davis Having rebounded from the limiting conditions of COVID-19 restrictions, the Infrastructure Team is hard at work for the Angelman syndrome (AS) community. We have been busy building a lab that is devoted to Angelman syndrome research, establishing an infrastructure in which […]

FAST Welcomes New Members to the Advisory Team

The FAST Advisory Council provides additional support to the mission through scientific writing, participation in endpoint development and many additional areas of translational research Downers Grove, Ill. (March 24, 2021) — FAST, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, announces new members to the FAST Advisory Council. The FAST Advisory Council (FAC) is a collaborative group […]

Community statement from Ionis

 Dear Angelman Syndrome Community,  We are writing this letter to share with you an update on our progress towards initiating our clinical trial in people living with Angelman syndrome. Last year was incredibly difficult on so many levels, and while 2021 will continue to have its challenges, we remain hopeful that our lives will begin […]

Cas13 vs. Cas9: two different ways to potentially treat Angelman syndrome

by Ulrika Beitnere, Segal Lab, UC Davis There is a new kind of CRISPR nuclease on the gene technology block called Cas13. What is so special about it and what is the main difference between the better-known Cas9? This is a question not only many parents have been asking, but also scientists! You might want […]

FAST LatAm Part 2: Bienvenido FAST Chile

Recently we welcomed FAST Latin America (LatAm) to the FAST Global community, highlighting FAST Argentina and FAST Colombia. To read more about these two countries leading the way in LatAm, visit FAST LatAm Part 1: Argentina and Colombia. This month we have the pleasure of welcoming FAST Chile to the FAST Global community! Despite being one […]

Further Understanding the FAST & GeneTx Relationship

We have noticed a number of questions concerning how GeneTx is funded and specifically who pays for the salaries of the GeneTx employees.  We understand your concerns and would like to clear things up. In a nutshell, GeneTx is a separate company.  While FAST owns a majority of GeneTx, the company has other investors as […]

INSYNC-AS: A collaboration between FAST and the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)

INSYNC-AS: A collaboration between FAST and the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) is here to demonstrate our commitment to identifying and furthering scientific advancements for various potential therapeutics that treat Angelman syndrome (AS) through this exciting collaboration with the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI). The launch […]

Meet John Schlueter

In 2013 my amazing daughter, Grace, was born.  She was perfect in every way.  She had beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, and a smile that would light up any room.  It was at 6 months that we realized this joyful little love wasn’t progressing as she should.  An extremely frustrating 12 months later, we finally […]