Since 2011, FAST has funded  $420,000.00 in Post Doctoral Fellowship Grants, over $1.25 million in FAST-Trac and Grant-In-Aid Grants, $180,000 on a human clinical trial on the Efficacy of Minocycline in the Treatment of Angelman Syndrome and more than $6.125 million to the  FAST Integrative Research Environment (FIRE) Initiative.

The FAST Integrative Research Environment (FIRE) Initiative has already identified 3 potential drug candidates and 2 gene therapy strategies for clinical trial and is creating 2 novel animal models. By end of 2016, FAST will have funded over $10.525 million in Angelman Syndrome research, bringing us ever-closer to a cure.

FAST’s grants and fellowship programs encourage research aimed at finding a treatment for Angelman Syndrome. Our expedited review process ensures funds are put into quality research as rapid as possible.

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